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      I'm corresponding with a Chinese T sufferer that uses a personal oxygen apparatus to treat his condition, in addition he also does HBO. His personal oxygen generator cost about £700. He says that in China they think lack of oxygen could be the reason T thrives and he went to tell me that many hospitals over there offer oxygen as part of T treatment (not HBO) In a country with over 1,3 billion people I'm tempted to believe they should know something about T cause they have many T patients. China is a noisy place. They also have a very long history of treatment systems and medicine care in general, much longer than Europe for instance.

      In context of this I'm wondering if my constant shortness of breath could have something to do with the T always being very loud. When I sit calm and write this I feel like my oxygen level is very low, and I'm not asthmatic or anything. It's like I have to fight somewhat to breath in one smooth motion or breathe exercise. My stomach feels like it's holding in air. I received external oxygen one time in an ambulance and I remember I had an increase of strength.

      Have anyone tried a personal oxygen generator?
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      Would Oxygen saturation test be helpful in "diagnosing" this?

      There's also bottled oxygen available that you could try to see how it makes you feel:

      Something to start with.

      Could you maybe get a specific model name for the personal oxygen generator your T friend is using? It doesn't seem overly expensive, at least. Usually medical apparatus cost a fortune...
      Out of curiosity, I just would like to look at the specifications & how it looks and check out the availability in the EU.
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      Thanks for the links!

      I am now back in my home country, so I can at least go to my GP and get referrals to further try and find the causes for my T. My "assessment" so far has been a visit to two GP's in England that didn't know anything about anything and lastly an ENT surgeon that gave me the death sentence in one hand a massive invoice in the other. So I'm glad I'm in a better position now. I'm off to my private GP tomorrow to get referrals to a audiologist center that deals with T&H in particular. I will dig deeper into the oxygen aspect, perhaps there's some knowledge on any links between a low oxygen saturation and T. I will try to get that oxygen saturation test done.

      I have always been curios to how long oxygen lasts but it's a list on the Oxyfit page:

      2 litre can sufficient for 15 - 20 inhalations
      5 litre can sufficient for 30 - 40 inhalations
      8 litre can sufficient for 70 - 80 inhalations
      110 litre bottle sufficient for up to 60 minutes' continuous supply.

      That's less than expected, I guess you can go trough quite an amount of oxygen like this.

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