Medications to Reduce the Tinnitus Volume Just a Little Bit?

Discussion in 'Support' started by SignalExec, Nov 25, 2018.

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      Accoustic trauma?
      Hi all

      My tinnitus is relatively moderate. It's a slight hiss I should be able to ignore easily. However, sometimes I can't ignore it, and it drives me up the wall knowing it's there.

      I have an appointment with an ENT again soon. I was wondering whether I could ask him about medications that are known to reduce the volume of the tinnitus just a bit. I know that there is nothing that is guaranteed to cure tinnitus. However, if there is something that reduces the volume a bit, that might be sufficient in my case. After all, my tinnitus is so soft already.

      Are there any such medicines? Anything I could bring up?
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      Benzodiazepines can reduce tinnitus temporarily but they are highly addictive and not something you’d want to take regularly long-term.

      Can’t really think of anything other than that. If such a medication existed we’d know about it. There are also cases where magnesium or vitamin b12 helped someone with tinnitus but I don’t know a universal medication that helps everyone or even most people.
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      noise injury
      a common mistake for tinnitus sufferers is to make multiple appointments with ENT's, that's honestly pointless, unless it's the first visit outruling a tumor in the auditory system.

      They don't even check for hearing loss correctly.
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      Stress? Who knows...
      Have you tried Ginko Biloba? It's helped some people but not everybody. My ENT told me to take them for 3 months, but unfortunately in my case it's not helping. It might help you.
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