Mein Gott... Have You Seen ATEOS's Profile??!!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Zimichael, Dec 10, 2014.

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      OK, some of you know that one of my "shticks" (Translation = things that I try to promote) is to try and get members - and new joining members - to put some basic information in their Profile. Yeah, the NSA may have scared off some people, but realistically I think they don't give a darn about tinnitus unless it could become weaponized.

      A member's "Profile" acts as a one click stop (or two I guess, as need to go to the "Information" tab) to see who they are...or potentially are. To me this is highly useful, as for a minimum I like to see some details on what kind of tinnitus a person has. You know, the basics of how, what type, if variable, tonal, if hyperacusis involved, maybe things tried, etc., etc. Then if there is more information, like which country the person really lives in and some mini background, that's a bonus.


      Because when I am reading something intriguing on the Forum someone posts, one of the first things that happens is I have about 10 questions come to mind. Often I may have some ideas and want to offer help or suggestions. However, to make anything better than a wild guess - which is the equivalent of parachuting into their living room out of the blue, I need more information. Which can be tedious...if there is next to zero on the person's Profile page.
      Yeah I can use the search function, but that can lead to a swamp-load if miscellaneous links. Likewise searching under the "Introduce Yourself" thread, to see if maybe there is something there. And so on. It's a hassle, and time consuming, and much easier to just click the person's name and come up with, in this case... EVERYTHING! Click on @attheedgeofscience and see what I mean.

      Well in @attheedgeofscience 's case it will never be 'everything' as he is beyond prolific in how much he gives to this forum and TT. But go and take a look. "Profile/Information"...IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!!! I just cannot imagine a more thorough and exemplary contribution to the genre. Just incredible.

      So ATEOS, thank you! Once again you have exceeded all expectations and count me as a humble novice in the field of "Profile land". You have indeed pioneered the way to: "boldly go where no man has gone before". A very suitable accolade really as the hero from which that is taken has tinnitus too.

      Best... Zimichael
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