Meniere's or Not Meniere's That Is the Question...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cole, May 7, 2015.

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    1. Cole

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      November, 2014
      I am actually asking for support because I have all of the symptoms of Meniere's but have not been diagnosed cause i haven't seen the ENT yet.
      I can't say for sure it is this but this is what i have and Yes i am looking for Support
      Tinnitus, Vertigo, Dizziness, Ear Pain, Headache, Loud Noises and Sounds are at times amplified, and Upset stomach. The worst is the vertigo, dizziness, and tinnitus and loud or "painful" noises that make scratching on a chalkboard like a walk in the park. It comes and goes in severity and gets worse each night.
      I am currently taking betahistine 3 pills day 16mg
      Anything someone would like to add/ advice/ I am really really new to this
    2. Nic1982

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      @Cole How are you doing? Have you seen an ent yet? I also have symptoms of menieres but no hearing loss??
    3. Mad maggot

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      Sounds like the meniers symptoms. However research and you will find mennieres is not a cause but a name for a bunch of symptoms doctors can't figure out the cause for. So they say, you have mennieres, live with it.
      Two hundred people could have this diagnosis and every one of them have a different problem causing the same symptoms listed as mennieres. So the diagnosis of mennieres is not particularly helpful.
      However even doctors will argue over whether this is so amongst themselves. I was told I probably have mennieres by one doctor and another told me just what I've told you. So I researched.
      Research and make up your own mind.
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    4. Leodavinci

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      Acoustic trauma
      You should see an ENT as soon as possible, preferably one who specializes in otology (study of the ear). There are some measures you can, usually oral or intratympanic injections, taken early that can actually stop menieres symptoms permanently for some people. Go online and travel to a nearby medical center if necessary to get the earliest appointment with an ENT specializing in Otology. For most with menieres the dizziness subsides after a few months or years but some hearing loss is common.
    5. sallyringgirl

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      The difference between Meniere's and other hearing illnesses is violent dizziness. The type that knocks you to the ground. I know this because I was told I had MM 25 years ago and I just went to an ENT again and he told me that I did not have it. My dizziness if very low grade and connected to tinnitus. I was relieved to say the least. You may want to check out the site to get more help. But more importantly, go see an ENT. There really are differences between different hearing illnesses.
    6. PaulBe

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      Probably sound, though never proven
      Menierre's is considered to exist when a certain check-box criteria is met. That doesn't mean some forms of tinnitus and related symptoms don't exist on the continuum or process that ultimately can lead to a formal diagnosis of Menierre's. Nature does not do continuums (continui?) and check-boxes, but Western medicine can't function without them.

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