Mental & Physical Trauma

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      Hi Dr. Hubbard, we all pretty much agree stress make make T worse. I would appreciate your opinion regarding T being caused by mental and or physical trauma. I have been a diabetic type II since 92, had a heart attack in 98 & again in 2001. In 07 I had colon cancer, they had to remove a foot of my colon. Two years ago I had a 4X bypass. Three months after the bypass the T began. I think/thought I have dealt with these medical issues pretty good. No depression or feeling sorry for myself. Could the above have triggered stressors unbeknownst to me and caused T. Last year I was told I had stage 3 kidney failure. All in all though, I feel darn good, except for the T.
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      Hey Gary,
      Though you certainly have had your share of it, stress itself is not a known cause of tinnitus. I love your spirit!
      Dr Hubbard
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