Metronidazole Gel for BV (Bacterial Vaginosis)? Can It Worsen Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by PrincessZelda, Mar 22, 2019.


Have you taken gel Metronidazole and did it affect your tinnitus?

  1. I have taken it and it worsened the tinnitus.

  2. I have taken it and it has NOT worsened the tinnitus.

  3. I have not taken gel Metronidazole.

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    1. PrincessZelda

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      Hi all,

      So I chronically suffer from BV and have tried everything under the moon to get it to stop. I have chronic pain resulting from untreated BV for so long, and am really debating whether I should take this gel or not.

      I would like to know if anyone has had their tinnitus worsen from GEL metronidazole. I have yet to take any medications after developing tinnitus from BuSpar.

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