Mindfulness and Listening to Music / Sounds?

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      Hi Jennifer. What is your opinion on listening to music / sounds when practicing mindfulness or meditation? I personally can't (yet) sit in silence without being distracted by my tinnitus.
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      Please forgive my overdue response. But you pose an excellent question. When practicing meditation it is important to feel as comfortable as you can so that unnecessary discomfort doesn't get in the way of your practice by being a distraction. So, YES, if listening to music while meditating helps you to feel more relaxed, then it is recommended that you listen to music. The music should be at a level that is not distracting but at the same time provides you with relief from bothersome tinnitus (even if it is just partial relief).
      Again, my apologies for my late reply and hope this is helpful to you.
      And good luck with your practice!
      Dr. Jennifer Gans
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