Missed Out Tonight But Still My Happy Self

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by glynis-harbron, Sep 19, 2015.

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      Well I should have been going to a party tonight but feeling unwell so told hubs to go on his own meet his mates.
      Ears blasting that I'm use to as never changes but got a respiratory infection and lungs gone splat as a sever asthmatic with breathing problems and high temperature .
      So resting on the sofa with x factor and my kindle.
      Not letting it get me down and on antibiotics and nebulizer .
      Shame miss out on this party night but I'm sure I will be fine for a 50th party next weekend and have lots of fun too .
      Health issues might be tough going but I'm in control of what makes me happy and next weekend will be amazing with a big family get together .
      So my wise words are if you have to put off something Good ,remember you are going have fun the next time your let loose and glam up.......lots of love glynis
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