Mood Swings — Is It Normal?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Brandon joseph, May 10, 2016.

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    1. Brandon joseph

      Brandon joseph Member

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      On and off since 2014
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      The cold
      1 minute I would be okay and ready to deal with the tinnitus and then the next I am in full blown panic mode. Nighttime is so hard the tinnitus sounds worse and makes me feel like i want to vomit.
    2. JasonP
      No Mood

      JasonP Member

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      I'm not sure because I had mood swings before T. Its possible klonopin might help in the short term it might help but you aren't supposed to take them long term (I made that mistake). Right now I am taking a mood stabilizer called Lamictal that seems to help with depression but it was very energizing when I took it at first and it took a while to somewhat calm down to it. I would suggest as your first route go to a hearing aid place and get your hearing checked and if there is a hearing loss get that corrected with aids and get some that have a masker. If that still doesn't calm you down, check into supplements, noise machines at night, and lastly medications. has some decent sounds to listen to if you put your computer speakers next to your bed. I hope you feel better asap.
    3. fishbone

      fishbone Member

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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      Tinnitus can create mood swings, taking pills and relaxers for tinnitus and other issues can for sure create mood swings. I'd lean on the pills over tinnitus for mood swings. I remember when i was on anti-anxiety pills because of a DR's lame and wrong diagnosis and I had tons of mood swings and very bad ones on them. Thank god i was strong enough to know that those pills had changed me for worst and i was brave to ween off them and save my life and sanity...
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    4. Cityjohn

      Cityjohn Member Team Research

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      5:10 PM 03/02/2016
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      Food poisoning.
      I have definitely had the same a few times.. I don't think it's odd given our condition.
    5. Lovetotravel76

      Lovetotravel76 Member

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      Unknown at this point.
      I have gone through the same thing and am still going through it now. I panic when I have to sleep sometimes and panic when I wake up and hear it. As we habituate and get used to it, hopefully the fear and panic will go away.

      God bless you.
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