More susceptible or just more concerned?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Amelia, Jul 6, 2014.

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      So, I've been sick with a nasty flu for about 4 weeks now. I took a short course of lower dose antibiotics (amoxil) and while I can good for a while there, I'm now sick again.

      So this morning whilst in the shower - where I do all my heavy thinking and create all my catastrophic scenarios ;) - I wondered what would happen if in the future I HAD to take an Oxytoxic medication? And it also made me wonder ... Are we more susceptible now, or just more cautious/concerned?

      If someone with T and someone without took the same Oxytoxic medication, does the person with T have more of a chance of doing damage? Or would they both have the same risk?
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      There is no reason to believe that if you have T or hearing damage, you are more susceptible than a "normal" person to further hearing damage.
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      Noise induced
      In my layman opinion no, not when it comes to ototoxic meds. Noise however is more dangerous to someone with T than a person with healthy hearing.
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      Amelia -IMHO just like we are more susciptible to loud noise ..we would be more susceptible to Ototoxic drugs .
      I am sure t only develops after certain number of cochlea cells dies ...up until certain number of cells are alive our brain doesn't create these sounds .one these threshold has been crossed ..I believe a small damage will increase T.
      But again I am sure some of these Ototoxic drugs causes damage at a higher dosage .i am sure 5 day course of azithromycin will not kills hair cells .

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