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Discussion in 'Support' started by Debjj, Nov 30, 2012.

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      Virus in the ears
      Can anyone help or relate with this please - although I've had T. for over 8 years, I have recently been waking with a really severe humming, just I'm my left ear (my bilateral). It gradually disappears during the day, so I go to bed with just (I say 'just', but you all know what I mean) my usual T. then every morning I'm waking with this dreadful hum again. Could it be positional or Cattarh? I really don't know & why only the left ear? It's really scar & every morning I wake up dreading it - of course you always wonder if today will be the day that it doesn't stop. Any ideas people? It's been happening every night for about the past 2 weeks.
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      Hi Debjj, have you been to the Doctors to check out your left ear? If so what did they say? Do you have any dental issues on the left side of your mouth perhaps? Maybe it could related to muscular issues on the left side of your neck also. I would recommend seeing a professional about this if you haven't already.
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      NIHL - firearms, chainsaws, metalwork
      Hi Debjj - I have experienced a similar effect and attributed it to a temporary "congestion" issue of the Eustachian tube on one side. Perhaps a fluid drainage that causes amplification of the T. Do you live where seasonal change is taking place and your heat is now turned on creating drier air? In my case the additional sound slowly disappeared and left me with the "normal" 24/7 T. I for one am tired of living in fear of the day when the T becomes louder or decides to add a new tone or both. At this point (6 years) I figure any change is good. If the intensity of my T can (on the rare occasion) change for the worse...then it can also change for the better. Maybe not today, maybe not in 2013, but I expect change to reveal itself in it's own sweet time. Louder, softer, eliminated altogether, I await the moment of change BUT in the meantime recognize I must not dwell on what that moment will be like.

      Other than the new hum what has changed in the past two weeks? Environmentally, your surroundings, or any new pets? Other medical signs or symptoms?
      T. Sux

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