MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Sufferer Looking for Help with Ringing Ears

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      I have had ringing in my ears since 2003/04 I believe. I was diagnosed with M.S. in 2007 because my balance was getting worse and the dizziness was very pronounced and is still to this day. For some time I have noticed loud ringing in my ears. Its multitimbral or polyphonic so there are about 3 different tones ringing at the same time that I can distinguish.

      According to my MRI brain scans, my neurologist told me that I have had this disease for about 15 to 20 years. I am 46 now, I was diagnosed when I was 40 so I could have had M.S. as far back as my early 20's. I also attended a few "rock shows" and stood close to the speakers at a few of them. The music I was into at the time was Electronic music which I know has a greater range of sound than traditional instruments. So I don't know if the Tinnitus I suffer from is disease related (eg. nerve damage) or environment related (damage done by loud music)?

      In any event, I find it to be part of the problem with my dizziness and balance problems and would love to find relief if possible.

      Anyone have any ideas, suggestions or helpful advice? I do have R.A. in addition to my M.S. so I am now on disability and just got Medicare.


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      The first thing I would do is to get a hearing test (= audiogram).

      To my knowledge, tinnitus is a potential, but uncommon symptom of MS. When it does occur, it usually kicks in before the most common symptoms (= balance, lack of strength, etc.). A fellow sufferer of MS, Holly Huber, has done a number of posts on youtube. She has had great success with stem cell therapy - which admittedly - is not the cheapest option. But according to her, it is - in the end - cheaper than paying for all the medical expenses related to MS. There are likewise MS sufferes who have had their tinnitus symptoms go away after stem cell therapy - here is one:

      In my opinion, there is not really a cure for tinnitus when it is related to the inner ear or hearing nerve (except experimental stem cell therapy)...

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