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Discussion in 'Support' started by Please Help, Aug 3, 2016.

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      Hey all,

      long story short - have had ETD for two months in the left ear and have tried basically every medication possible (two separate prednisone prescriptions, antibiotics, 6 weeks flonase, antihistamines, hot water, steam, etc). I have a perfect hearing test and type A tympanogram (no pressure issues), yet whenever I swallow I my left ear still pops and it is quite disturbing / annoying. This has caused tinnitus for the past few weeks which has not gone away, although I only notice it in a quiet room. I have been told when my ETD condition improves the tinnitus will go away as well.

      I have been to ENT specialists and my primary care physician, and they all seem to say it will take time for the mucus to drain and feel normal again. However, after two months I do not see gradual and sustained progress.

      I have noticed the mucus in the ear and popping is generally worse after I sleep / as soon as I wake up. How can I finally eliminate the mucus and inflammation? It seems as if the mucus is trapped in the ear, and the act of persistent swallowing has caused my jaw to crackle as well. I am thinking of trying mucinex and potentially the ear popper/Eustachi popping device to clear the mucus from my left ear eustachian tube - please advise if this will help. I have noticed hot water generally reduces symptoms for a few hours, but then the symptoms return after sleeping This is quite irritating to deal with everyday and so far no doctor or medication has been able to help, appreciate all of your help and support.
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      I would try the earpopper, people have had success:

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