"Music Designed for Focus" — Could It Work on Us?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Zug, Oct 10, 2015.

    1. Zug

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      Hi guys, looking for something to help me concentrate and habituate better, I found this:

      I Listened To Music Designed For Focus By Scientists - And My Productivity Shot Up

      On the company website (https://www.focusatwill.com) it says: "We’re soothing your fight or flight mechanism, engaging your brain’s limbic system, to increase your attention span and general concentration."

      Does anyone knows or have an idea if this could work on Tinnitus? Maybe allowing to concentrate better and not pay attention to the T? Looks like it's designed thinking on ADD, but my guess is that it should also help us with our "distraction".

      What do you think?

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