Musician's Egg Shakers — Instant Relief When the Tinnitus Gets Over the Top

Discussion in 'Support' started by Duncan L, May 10, 2019.

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      Just thought I might share this with the group: When I first got severe tinnitus and had a complete breakdown I spent some time in a Sensory Modulation Room. The therapist handed me a pair of egg shakers and as i shook them my tinnitus was completely masked. My predominant tinnitus is a loud pulsating medium-high frequency hiss.

      Since then I always have one on hand (in car etc) and when I need some 'time out' I grab my shaker. I don't even have to shake in vigorously or close to my head as it masks & matches my tinnitus perfectly.

      They are cheap to buy from any music store so you can get a couple at least.

      Hope this of help to someone.
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      Nice. Glad to hear this.

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