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      Wax extraction
      I got it after a wax extraction on my right ear, a high pitch sound. At first T was the typical ringing, not annoying at all, only audible at bed time and in silence. Over time, I realized I also hear a different sound in my left ear, but lower, like a resonating metallic sound. A couple of months prior to the T, I was developping a neck pain, caused (in my opinion) by riding my bicycle. As many other people, at first it was madness, then I got used to it for weeks, I didn't pay attention to it, but then I got obsessed listening to it at the slightest chance. It got worse a month ago. Little hope left for the tinnitus to disappear at this point, it doesn't seem like it's going to anyway. As I read in some posts it becomes chronic after half a year approximately. Now, when I raise my neck while leaning my head forward, I can feel it gets a little louder. When I cover my ears completely with my fingers, I also hear a metallic sound with a wave pattern. Diet doesn't seem to do anything. I drank coffee everyday, sometimes twice, for 5 months and it never got louder. Now I have a more strict diet and it's worse.
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      Subjective tinnitus r ear cause ( unknown)
      Hey I have had T for 1 year 7 months I only get on here to send a note to one person that has been my support for as long as I have had it .He also has had it the same amount of time we compare changes in our T we are the same age and I do know now it is our perception of T that changes . I can tell you that you will get really use to it but it takes time. If you want to live healthy then do it. It will not really hurt or help T . Tinnitus has something to do with damage to the audio system in our body it can be anywhere nerves inner ear who knows but it is our brains that perceive the noise and it plays a big part of how we cope with it. Over time you will be able to almost make it disappear unless you really listen for it. I am just telling you all the "try this try that " don't work but believing T will not hurt you and you can live with it is your best friend believe me and hang in there till you find this out. Uncle Viken
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