My Audiogram from Yesterday Is Repeating in My Head

Discussion in 'Support' started by rewgs, Feb 14, 2021.

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      I got an audiogram yesterday, and now my tinnitus has new tones that sound exactly like it: almost like a melody, slowly changing notes. New notes start and then fade, or change to a new note. This is the first time I've had tones that change, as opposed to the static ones I've had for years, and this is... horrible. Just horrible. It's impossible to ignore, because it's constantly changing, and even louder than my (already very loud) old tones.

      Has anyone ever had this happen before? Their tinnitus "mimics" something else? Did it stop for you?
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      Virus / Microsuction / Acoustic Trauma
      I had this for a bit with classical music. It did stop for me after a few days.
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      I had the same. A couple of years ago I got a loud audiogram and that night I woke up with those beeps playing in my head exactly like the audiogram. Very scary experience, but thankfully the beeps went away in a couple of days leaving me back alone with my horrid tinnitus. I hope it goes away for you too.
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      NOISE/Menieres Who knows
      It will go away in a few days. This happens everytime I have a hearing test done.
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