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      I'm at 38 year old male. Almost 4 weeks ago, one day I woke up in the middle of the night with like buzzing/hissing ears which followed in the morning with a high pitch sound, at night it was more of a buzz and during the day it was more of high pitch sound, mostly coming from the left ear, occasionally from the right.
      That same day or a day after, I had a stiff neck, I went to physical therapy within a week and he said I had pulled the neck muscle on the left and it was pretty bad I had very little motion to the right. I also noticed that opening closing my jaw a clicking sound by the joint underneath the ear. The clicking of the jaw was noticeable when eating, I hadn't noticed that until that day.
      The first week I visited a ENT physical assistant which I complained about a high pitch sound he looked at my ear told me I had a lot of wax, cleaned it out and also had a hearing test done, hearing test was normal. A week after my noise was just as bad and would sometimes switch to the right, but still remained mostly on the left.
      A few days later I saw another physical assistant ENT and she further cleaned the ear, and told me I had dry skin in the canal. I called my regular doctor and he ordered an MRI of ear and brain.
      My MRI was done late last week (4/17) because there was no availability.
      I went back to both ear Dr's, one took like 5 minutes with me, I told him about me pulling the neck muscle attached to the back of my skull on the left, he didn't believe that would cause T. He said I could take a 1 week course of steroid that it MAY help and would help the neck. The next day I went to physical therapy again and the following day I felt great, no T, all day long I was super happy. However it came back at night.

      I went to see another ENT 5 days later and told him my cause and he didn't think the steroid would work. He thinks I have problems with the E tubes. Told me to continue using the flonase which I have been taking for around 4-5 weeks now.
      As my therapy session continued my neck got better, and I noticed in improvement of T, somewhat of a 50% improvement. I did not take the steroid I was super concern of it causing other problems, I was scared of taking it, but maybe I should have.

      My question is could there be a correlation between pulling a neck muscle and developing T? What are my chances now of a steroid working? Could it actually be the E tubes not closing or opening correctly, is there a test for this?

      Few observations:
      - A week before pulling the muscle I was under a lot of stress and had anxiety (about 5 weeks ago)
      - T improved about 2 weeks after (about 50%+), during the day was mostly a high pitch sound now is mostly a hiss. Saw improvement after having physical therapy done, not sure if they are correlated.
      - Mostly on my left (I pulled the muscle on the left).
      - Weird sensations around the ears mostly on the left, sometimes pressure or sense of fullness, sometimes discomfort or mild mild pain, all these symptoms are going away as of lately.
      - MRI of brain and Ear are OK (nothing found)
      - Hearing test is normal
      - Had a few days with almost zero T.
      - T is mostly a hiss now , but watching TV will make it sound like a higher pitch sound and seems to get aggravated.
      - Blood lab tests are normal, blood pressure is normal.
      - My neck feels almost fine now, range of motion is fine with no discomfort.
      - 2 days ago my jaw finally started feeling normal, no more clicking
      - Inside of a quiet room the hiss is mild, seems to get aggravated with some sounds
      - Doctors don't seem interested in trying to find the cause.
      - Saw a neurologist had an in office exam, said I'm fine, said to check with my doctor about the noise
      - Didn't see much of an improvement in T this past week which is what has me worried, previous weeks I noticed and improvement.
      - Call me crazy but noticed scratching my head around the ears on the top reduced the symptom significantly for about 15 - 20 seconds.
      - Ive had issues with my left ear before, it would hurt just touching it from the outside, but would resolve on its own.
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      Hey Uri, bummer that you are going through this whole T thing. It is early days yet and so I can understand your apprehension towards finding the cause. Have you been taking any medication lately? You may wish to consider seeing a maxillofacial consultant to rule out TMJ. You could also look at the way you sleep at night, your neck should be perfectly straight and supported.
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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.

      I would discuss taking Prednisone, with your ENT or PCP. In some cases it can help.


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