My Collection of 10 Questions for Tinnitus Experts

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      Uncertain, now very somatic, started with noise?
      1. Does it make sense to distinguish between noise-induced tinnitus and non-noise-induced tinnitus?

      2. Does it make sense to distinguish between unilateral and bilateral tinnitus?

      3. What do you think about the somatosensory approach of explaining tinnitus?

      4. Does tinnitus usually have a special frequency or is it more like a hiss?

      5. Should tinnitus sufferers protect themselves from everyday noise (e.g., in a moving car) more than non-tinnitus sufferers?

      6. Many tinnitus sufferers report considerable daily fluctuations in intensity. What explanation do you have for this?

      7. Do you think that many different causes lead to one uniform disease, the tinnitus?
      Or do you consider tinnitus to be a generic term for many different diseases associated with ear noise.

      8. What do you think about the fact that many "tinnitus clinics" provide hearing aids to almost all patients with mild hearing loss?

      9. Do you think that efforts towards tinnitus subtyping are helpful?

      10. Would further diagnostic measures to objectify the tinnitus be helpful? (e.g. high-resolution MRT, determination of brain activity)

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