My Conversation With a Neuropsychologist Today

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by calin, May 14, 2012.

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      I had a quick chat today at my business with a neuropsychologist.

      He mentioned that he was really busy and was a doctor. I didn't know that about him before although he frequents my store. My employee asked him what kind and that's how I found out.

      I asked him about all these tinnitus sufferers - 50 million of us. He immediately said EMFs.... environmental, food and then said medications as well. He started listing some reasons which were mostly electronic things. - cell phones as well.

      I told him I wear Q-links for that and a special kind of pendent. We compared our pendants! He had one on from Russia around his neck that he said protects him from the EMFs. He said he had a Q-link too but didn't have it on him.

      He told me his mother developed tinnitus and she is now over it. He guided her about the no-nos .... aspertame, msg, etc. I can't remember everything and he was in a hurry to leave. He said we have to chat again as we have so much in common.

      Oh... I asked him about negative ions and he nodded and said that was good to do as well.

      I just turned off my hair dryer. Had it on by my feet for about 5 minutes. I really think it helps. My T was very low all day and still is.... If it builds up, my new best friend will be activated! lol Can't wait for the bracelet to come! I am thinking I will get the USB negative ionizer. I think it was less than $30 on amazon.

      I think I mentioned everything this guy said. It seems so odd that a doctor would talk about such stuff, wear EMF protection or even suggest it. I like that kind of doctor!!!!

      Oh, just remembered something else about what the doctor said. When I mentioned negative ions and far infrared for health, he said, "I have that as a shower head." Well, that was the first tat I had heard of that. I googled, and sure enough there is an ion shower head. Pretty expensive as shower heads go!

      I found a very inexpensive shower head with lots of good stuff to help with creating negative ions and far infrared, etc. One on amazon for $28 and another for $44. Got two!
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      West End show. Came back 2015 vitamin D overdose prescribed
      Would like to know more about what this guy said. Is nobody interested.
      Have you tried what he said, 3 years ago? Any benefit
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      Not to be a skeptic: but how do you know he's a doctor?

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