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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Fish, Jan 20, 2013.

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      A success story. I wish it could be mine but not just yet unfortunately. Maybe one day :)

      I'd like to tell you about my doctor who had done numerous audiograms for me. A lovely lady by the way!

      Since it was my last audiogram, we had a longer than usual, hearty conversation. Turns out she was a tinnitus patient herself and she had successfully treated it. I asked few times to confirm, it is completely gone for weeks and then comes back for a day or two when she is tired, stressed etc.

      The cause of T is spine-related. Few weeks of chiropractor exercises and massages gave her a full relief. She needs to repeat that therapy anually though.

      The other part of this story freaked me out - she had experienced a sudden sensorineural hearing loss several times (most of you know what it is) and administered herself a large dose of steroids every time, it always came back to normal afterwards... The cause of SHL is unknown but she said she knows very well when it is about to happen.

      EDIT: one more interesting fact, in Poland SSHL is also known as an "Ear Stroke" since it is believed to be caused by a sudden stop of bloodflow in an inner ear.

      Well it is not much but I thought I would share. We don't get success stories often, and this is officially a second person I got to know that made her tinnitus go away :)
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      Excellent Fish. It's brilliant to hear that this can happen to someone with T.

      Let's hope we get a few more success stories to give us all hope.

      All these people who join and never post messages... or just one or two - surely some of them had T that went away?
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      I have appointment setup with a chiropractor . I am trying everything. we will see what that does
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      Please let me know what happens. I'm very wary of chiropracters and their drawn out solutions and theories, even though I went to one on and off for many years to treat an often-disabling lower back condition. As sometimes I couldn't pull out of it, I'd tried a lot of alternate treatments and even other docs (some horrible). There was only one guy who could put me back together again consistantly, so when the condition would become chronic I'd seek him out again and again over the years. While success varied, i would always improve over time. I offer the history to show I do believe in chiros for SOME conditions (careful with the neck!).

      So, moving to Colorado last Spring, my tinnitus spiked to new levels; I didn't realize just how bad it could get. Mine's somatic, which means I can change pitch and intensity through moving my neck and shoulders in different positions (I do this to intensify the symptoms sometimes while holding my ears closed; when I release both it fools my brain that things are calmer. A very short-term solution but helps when the condition is unbearable). I'd read that chiropractic treatment might help with tinnitus, so being a believer (my back condition is now managable) I pulled up many chiro websites in northern Colorado couldn't fine ONE that seriously addressed the issue in writing; only general statements that such condition would be assessed. It's taken years to get past neck issues that I am sure were aggavated by adjustment, and there's no way I'm going to let some stranger guess at whether this might help. As I said, while I believe in the discipline, I've been to a few quacks over the years when my doc was unavailable, when I was living hundreds of miles away, or when his approach wasn't going anywhere.

      I hope you put up a post-visit(s) update. I'm not saying don't try it, only to stay informed, be careful, make sure you've found someone you can trust, and take it slow when it comes to neck adjustment.

      Paul D.
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      I am going to be very careful if he does not know anything about tinnitus and has not dealt with it.He is not going to do anything to me. I have the same concerns.I will let you know what is said and done. I really dont think there is much of a chance but I will see. This is also a VA chiropractor !!!!!. Makes you really think. Thank you for your post.
      Mike Z
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      I was interested in the ear stroke comment. I got my tinnitus after SSHL after an epidural and I also had a nose bleed for 5 days at the same time so it makes sense that lack of blood flow caused it. This all must have damaged my nerve because it has also lists its ability to control ear is always freezing cold. I am so mad with the hospital that caused it. Do you think there is any hope of my tinnitus going away? It's stayed pretty much the same since I've got it and was made worse by a fire alarm going off
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      Hi Aisling glad you are here as well..I read your post for bobby123 and Lilly kind of reprimanded your comment at TSMB Yuku...How long had you had your T?
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      I think we got something here

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