My Doctor's Solution: $7000.00 Hearing Aids — Not Covered!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mark H, May 15, 2015.

    1. Mark H

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      I was so hopeful even after they said the price. $7000.00 !!! Then a pause.

      "Oh your insurance won't cover these"

      I felt like I had been shot in the face. I knew in my heart that they would only cover up the T anyway and I tried to just shrug it off...but it broke me. I feel very alone. My doctor acts like I have a mental illness and now has withdrawn my disability.

      I feel like I am falling down the rabbit hole. I never had tinnitus until a Doctor touched me! Now they are abandoning me. I have had it for ten years and had habituated...but it got worse over time and now rages like a thousand crickets and two distinct piercing tones...24 hours a day.

      ...and my remaining kidney is failing so I am doomed anyway, but it is apparently running well enough where they say I am not disabled ....YET. They wait until you are almost dead and on dialysis before they give you disability and tell you that tinnitus is NOT disabling. YEAH RIGHT!

      I am too young to be this F*&^ED!
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    2. dboy

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      Sounds like you are getting a rough deal Mark. Your doctor must have passed his 'uncaring arrogance' module in medical school with flying colours. At least you know that the hearing aids would not be a great solution... some folks seem to get worse with them (they do amplify sound).

      Best wishes.
    3. dan

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      Change doctors.
    4. Leah

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      So very sorry, is there another doc who can help? FYI, I paid out if pocket for hearing aids even though my heading loss is slight. Will try anything!! 6,000 later no help.
      At the time I thought I was getting TRT therapy, was mislead. I will die with a balance on my credit card.

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