My first couple days of tinnitus

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ronmerrick, Dec 4, 2011.

    1. ronmerrick

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      Hi everyone, my name's ron.

      These have been my first 4 days of tinnitus, and they weren't that great.

      It started after a concert on wednesday night which went from 6:30 to 10:30.

      It is now sunday at 10:00 am. Its still there...

      Do i still have hope ? i am 14 and ive seen a pediatrician but not yet an ENT.

      The first night i had headaches and stomach aches from anxiety but i took no medicine because i was afraid it could make my tinnitus worse.

      The next couple days went alright, i haven't been living as i naturally do but im overall happy i guess.

      I woke up an hour ago in hopes it would be gone but it's still here.

      Does this mean im stuck with it or what ?
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    2. calin

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      Hi Ron

      What did the pediatrician say?
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      Hi rommerick welcome to the group.

      You and I have something in common. Mine was triggered after just one hour of extremely loud music.

      Yes you do have hope. You have youth on your side. From now on though, you should carry ear protection with you and use it when you are attending loud music shows etc..

      Try not to stress about it, hopefully it will go away. If it doesn't there are some coping strategies that you can learn.
      good luck.
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      I wish ron had came back and reported how his tinnitus ended up.

      I think it might have resolved on its own, hopefully so!

      But let us know if you happen to browse back here, although you probably won't if you are back to being "normal" again.

      Wishing you a great life anyways!

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