My First Year Tinnitus Anniversary!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Petloy, Aug 1, 2013.

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      It has been a year since I woke up suddenly at 3 am with ringing in my ears, I still remember the constant pacing and going to quiet places, like the bathroom, kitchen listening to it. I had mild T when it started but I had a noise accident a month after I got T which made it quite more higher pitch and louder in both ears (like a very high pitch white noise).

      When I first started I was the typical T sufferer...depressed, crying, the "S" word comes up often, I was in the forums 24/7 (which probably save me). I noticed after a readjustment period and the attitude of trying not to fight it anymore, I gradually got used to it. It was probably in my 3-4 month that I started to sleep well again, taking naps (though sometimes I'd wake up with a screaming T) but I just shrugged it off and kept myself busy.

      When my T started I continued to work full time, just kept myself busy, and before long I can be in a quiet place, read a book despite the constant ring. I still get those Spikes, which I narrowed to three causes...Loud Noise, MSG and just Unknown...yes T would just spike without any reason sometimes! I noticed that Sleep is my best ally, If I get a good rest I would have non-reaction days...and I'm getting more good days than bad.

      I consider myself far from habituated, I still get panic attacks or get anxious, but I noticed it seems to be getting far and few in between. So to all newbies out there...IT DOES GET BETTER WITH TIME, I still work full time, enjoy going out with my family, sleep 7-8 hours, I have changed my life a bit, T is life altering but is not life threatening, my T is still screaming but most days I just don't care or noticed it.

      Thank you to all my friends here in TT!!!
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      Cheers homes, glad to see you are fighting the T monster and winning :).
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      Great that you are doing pretty well. I'd like to add that my T-journey has been very similar to yours. Staying active and busy have been the best treatment for me, and of course all the knowledge, support, and understanding members on this forum has been tremendous. As my kids would say - TT Rules!

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