My Husband Now Has Tinnitus in Left Ear!

Discussion in 'Support' started by JoyBenz007, Jan 3, 2018.

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      Hi I’ve had tinnitus in right ear only since May of 2017.

      My husband is now experiencing tinnitus in his left ear. He says his is more like a hiss and static also with a ring...he has been able to ignore it except for today, he said it’s extremely loud....any recommendations? We are scheduling for an ENT...just seems so odd, we moved into a new apartment in May 2017. And now we both are experiencing tinnitus in one ear.
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      Amazing how many people this affects. I have the same thing. 5 months now. GP referred me to ENT. ENT gave me an ear exam and a hearing test. I guess I failed the hearing test so he sent me for a brain mri to check for an acoustic neuroma. My mri results said I did not have one. I can’t explain the ringing in one ear. It’s awful though.
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      Acoustic trauma
      Check if your apartment has some high frequencies noise or ultrasound! I have same problem, I think the house where we live has a big role! Example I found out my T is exactly the noise of my elevator. I live at the last floor of my condominium next to the elevator engine
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      If in theory ig there issome ultrasound that you cannot heard that is above 20 kHz a decibel reader should be able to detect it right?

      What common device uses ultrasounds?
      Seems kind of far fetched, but definately is strange. A girl I dated had situational tinnitus which wasn't that bad. I think hers was due to alcoholism and she talks really loud too so she probably has hearing loss.

      At first I thought it was the house we lived in but I think we over think the causes.
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      Acoustic trauma / firecracker
      You may want to check and see if your shower pipes are making a high pitch squealing sound at a certain setting, being it's a new place. That happens to me when ever I have the handle set too much to the hot side. And it happens at any of my water supplies like kitchen or bathroom sinks and either of my 2 showers. It's something to do with the water pipes or the faucet itself. Now I pay attention when ever I use the water. This was not a problem until I moved into a new home.

      Good luck


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