My Name is David and My Tinnitus Just Worsened With an Operation

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DavidT, Feb 13, 2013.

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      Hi All :)
      My names David and I'm from Manchester. I've had what I would call slight tinnitus for a few years now but it's got a lot worse with an operation I have just had performed on my ears.
      I saw a ENT consultant and he ran some tests and said I have dysfunctional eustachian tubes in both ears. Anyway I had the operation on Tuesday and the only way to describe it is that it sounds like I have about a million locusts squawking in my head.......

      I just wondered if anybody else has experienced this after an operation on their ears and has it resolved after a few days.

      After I w0ke up I didn't feel too bad but it got slowly worse after I got home. I have a follow up appointment in six weeks so hopefully it might improve before then.
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      I can identify with the million locusts David - they're visiting me right now - but I didn't have an op.

      Hopefully yours is just because of the operation and it will go away - really hope it does for you.
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      Locusts... I liken mine to the shrill sound that acres of Cicadas chriping in unison make in the Nevada high desert. So loud, so constant, so near the aftermath of a gunshot or firecracker next to your ear that it drives you crazy.
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      David - welcome to TT forums!

      You had an operation to fix the eustachian tubes? I bet your whole middle ear is now congested and swollen post-op. Give it some time to recover, your tinnitus will get better over time! Let us know how it goes,

    5. AUTHOR

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      Thanks All, I didn't realise how bad tinnitus makes you feel. My mother has tinnitus and it seems to run in the family. I emailed the surgeons secretary and she said she has had a word with one of the doctors and he has said he is not too worried about it and even offered me to see him next week.
      I have said I will just go to the follow up and give chance for things to settle......

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