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      I've had tinnitus in both ears since at least 2000, maybe longer. It's hard to remember when I first noticed it was "a thing." It's like cicadas are making a racket in my ears 24/7. Seems to have gotten louder theses last few years.
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    2. Lorac

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      Sudden profound hearing loss in left ear.
      Hello @Grandpa Jim and welcome!
      You have been dealing with tinnitus for a long time! It's hard to find people out there in the world who can understand what you live with but there are plenty of people here who understand. You are not alone in your suffering. Do you know what caused your tinnitus? Do you have hearing loss?
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      Hi Grandpa Jim, Welcome to the forum. We are nice people. With lots of hugs and kisses.
      Hang in there.
    4. MikeP505

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      Punishment for being so darn good looking!
      @Grandpa Jim

      Hello Jim and welcome to Tinnitus Talk. I personally have had severe tinnitus since 2011 after undergoing a kidney surgery however I did have low tinnitus since 2005. The main cause of the beginning of my tinnitus is undoubtedly noise related. I was a part time musician (drummer) for many years and wore very little protection. I also worked full time in some very loud environments adding to the damage.

      I believe what triggered the massive increase in my tinnitus post kidney surgery was one of the drugs they administer to patience with renal failure. I have only 1 kidney (left) and was slowly getting sick over a year. Went to doctors, hospitals etc for tests on why I was getting weaker with no real results. Sent home with useless prescriptions for antibiotics and what have you. Finally I was so sick I needed help to get to the hospital. My bloodwork came back so bad they knew right away I had a kidney issue. It pretty much was full of stones (boulders in my case) and required emergency surgery to clean out the kidney. I later found out from someone on here that I was most likely given a drug they give to many patience in my circumstance and this drug MUST be administered very slowly. Knows as a "slow push drug". I was so sick I don't remember how quickly they gave it to me but it makes sense now that this caused not only my massive spike in tinnitus, but also left me deaf in both ears. I woke up the second day after surgery and could hardly hear anything. My tinnitus was raging loud. Basically this completely ruined my life as I knew it and I began a new and difficult life ahead.

      There can be many things that cause tinnitus and hearing loss. Loud noises seem to fit the bill for many but also so many typical drugs on the market today are bad for the inner ear. So what may have caused mine or yours or the other guy's can be quite different. Think of everything you have been thru. Loud environments? Medications? Sickness? Grind your teeth? Stressed a lot?

      You need to try to figure out what is causing your increase before you can be proactive in avoiding any more. As always I tell everyone to talk to your doctor about this. They may not be able to do much about tinnitus but may help with other issues like stress, anxiety, sleep etc. Ask for a referral to an ENT (Ear Nose Throat Specialist) for further evaluation. Also have your hearing checked by an audiologist.

      Tinnitus is no fun. Not much will actually help most of us but there are studies in the works that may lead to help later on. Pretty much need to learn to live with it and try to avoid making it worse.

      We all know what you are going thru and feel free to ask anyone here anything. We are here for you Jim!


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      Meniere's Disease
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk @Grandpa Jim .
      You have done so well coping with tinnitus for so long and hope your future tinnitus journey goes smoothly and weather the storms and be strong...lots of love glynis

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