My Partner Has Terrible Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by JoyceyM, May 30, 2016.

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      I dont have it my partner does
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      no idea
      Can someone out there help please, I don't have tinnitus but my partner has it so bad he sometimes goes quiet and does not want to speak or do anything. Music sometimes helps but not always.
      If I ask what is wrong he says its the noise and the pain. But often he just goes into himself, this is so very difficult to live with and I just want some idea of what to do. He wont talk about it just goes quiet
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      Acoustic trauma (loud concert for 1h)
      Hi Joycey!

      I can do that sometimes too, that I just want some alone time to deal with my anxiety. Often it just takes 15-20 min to just handle my feelings. My therapist say that it can be a good thing (at least for me) to do that since I usually feel much better afterwards. If I cannot take that break, it will often just prolong the anxiety. So I would recommend to not say too much when your partner draws away for a while, just support him and say that you're there for him. Of course, this depends on how often he does that and how long. If it is everyday and for long periods (like 1 hour or more etc) then maybe you should talk to him and try to understand why he does that so often and ask him to see a professional so he can try to work out with himself how to handle T. It can be very hard to do it on your own sometimes. :)
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      The 'going quiet and not doing anything' behavior show a textbook case of a depressed person.
      It's almost instinctive for all animals, when they are hurt, anxious, helpless to shut themselves off, so to say...
      @Fangen 's advice is right on the spot. Your partner might need more than your support - maybe it's time for some professional assistance.

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