My Son Had Temporary Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Petloy, May 15, 2013.

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      Hi! So I had a conversation with some members here about what happened to my son 6 days ago, I'm putting this out to get a census from all members. Last friday our smoke alarm went off and my son who is 23 y.o turned it off, when I came home he was complaining of ear pain and tinnitus in both ears, after a nights rest the next day it went away, I tried not to show my fear to him, but I'm worried, my questions are as ff:

      1- Since he had an episode of temporary tinnitus will he be vulnerable in the future?

      2- I told him to wear plugs in concerts, loud parties, karaoke bars or even movies? Am I overreacting?

      Thank you for your input.

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      My only input is this: I wish someone would have "overreacted" and told me to do that. I had no idea that hearing problems could happen as easily as they do.
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      I think everyone can be vulnerable to tinnitus, problem is most people doesn't even know that it exists and can't imagine how terrible burden it is. When they realize, it is usually to late :(

      And as Hudson mentioned, i would be nowdays happy if somebody explained me in the past how are ears fragile to damage and forced me to wear earplugs to noisy environments.

      At least I am trying to warn my friends about tinnitus now.
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      No, i don't think you are overreacting. As long as he doesn't wear his earplugs all the time.

      Yes, noise damage is cumulative.

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