My Story and How the Back to Silence Method Worked for Me

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Peet, May 1, 2019.

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      My name is Peet.
      I introduced myself on this forum a few years ago.
      Tinnitus started about three years ago.
      I had a rough first year.
      Then I found the "Back to Silence" method here on this forum.

      It worked.
      First time I tried the method it worked for a few weeks.
      Then tinnitus stuck up its ugly head again.
      So I did the method again.
      Over the last two years I did it three times.
      Tinnitus isn't cured.
      When I focus on it I hear it.
      As a matter of fact writing this makes me more aware of it so I hesitated writing this at all.

      For the last 18 months 99% of the time I haven't noticed my tinnitus.

      For anyone having a hard time: Try the method. It worked for me.

      I still have the YouTube video of the nice gentleman explaining the method on my phone.

      When having a hard time I would watch it.
      It gave me comfort. Maybe better times were ahead.

      Good luck to all.
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      Thank you for sharing.
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      I don't understand this method. I'm always stressed out from my tinnitus, that is the emotion and it never changes. So how will writing down how I feel which is always the same, going to cause me to respond differently to my tinnitus in any way?

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