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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Andrew_89, Feb 25, 2016.

    1. Andrew_89

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      Hey all

      i just wanted everyone to know how much better it gets. I'm going to tell you the full story the good the bad and the great .

      When I first got it I was in the same boat as a lot of you are scared senses going crazy body in fright that feeling that doesn't go away the constant urge to run .
      I remember what I put my family through. I remember what I put
      My friends through . I remember most of all of what I put MYSELF through I was a mess and complete wreck . BUT

      I started to grow hungry I wanted my life back I wanted my music back most of all I wanted me back . I had a mental flip out .
      I cried for the very last time that I would ever cry over tinnitus .
      But they weren't tears of saddness they were tears of frustration . And I said F$&k this

      After that I quite my job I started playing music full time dedicating every bit I had to music and life I found the more that I got into other things instead of thinking about it the less the sound was ruling me

      Then slowly but surely my thoughts towards tinnitus were no longer negative

      I started my music again I started following it hard with everything I had I started getting more gigs . On better stages then learning and playing alternative instruments banjo and dobro
      County music .

      I am now endorsed by VOX and YAMAHA Australia.

      It might not seem like much to some but to me I am more proud of myself than than anything .

      To who ever reads this.

      I want you to challenge YOUR negative thoughts . I want you to challenge OTHER people's negative thoughts .

      I promise it will get better.

      I would like to put my hand out to anyone that wants to chat I don't come on this site much anymore but I will try to help .
      Message me on face book .
      Andrewthomsonmusic .
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    2. Sebastians

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      Guitars, loud girls and guns
      Great story mate, glad to see you are doing great and enjoying music.
      How long did it take you to feel better with your T?
      What kind of protection do you use on stage?
      Rock on!
    3. AUTHOR

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      Mate when drums are near by I use acs 25
      Db interchangeable Moulded plugs if it's an acoustic show I usually have the stage pretty quite point horse away from me stay out of the noise and line of fire
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      My time line was this
      1-3 months - crying /anxiety attacks / looking for answers
      3-6 months- still having a few mental a but looking for answers still
      6-8 months decided I would give habbituation ago
      8-10 months implemented a strategy to overcome tinnitus
      10-12 - self searching
      12- less and less it became a thing now it's not even an issue still hear t doesn't bother me one bit .
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    5. AUTHOR

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      But mate if you can take charge of it right now I see you havnt had it long . I mean accept right now go out side stop thinking about it do stuff and live your life . I promise you man you could cut it down to 6

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