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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by autumn98, Apr 18, 2016.

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      Unknown, maybe stress
      In January 15, 2016 after 2 weeks of anxiety (for personal reasons), at the height of my worrying, I started to have ringing and buzzing in my ear. I made an appointment to see my Dr. a few days later and she ordered a hearing test for me . While waiting for my appointment I did a lot of research about tinnitus to find the cause and realized how hard it was to find the cause; so I decided to do something about it while waiting with the hope to find a cure for whatever the cause was. I rode my bike 1 hr a day with the hope that it would bring oxygen to my ear and the brain and I drank 8 glasses of water a day. I know water and oxygen are very important for stress. After 2 weeks of riding my bike and after 4 days of drinking 8 glasses of water/day my hearing problem stopped for 3 weeks; so I cancelled my appointment. During this tinnitus-free time I developed a new anxiety, worrying that it would come back. One quiet night, it came back but just lasted for one day only until now, almost 2 months. I have also developed new symptoms: ear pain and fullness. I think I have minor TMJ which may be the cause of tinnitus; but I swear both times it happened I was in the moment of highest anxiety. I so much believed that it was from stress. I have been trying to control my stress by meditation. I think it does not cause any harm or too much effort by riding bike, drinking water and meditation and if they are the cures then it would be wonderful. Please try this, as it helped me and I hope it can help you too.
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      12/2015 - 3/2016
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      Multiple: anxiety, childhood ear infections, loud music
      Stress can be a trigger for tinnitus in many - including people (such as myself) who may have damaged their ears earlier from noise/ear infections and then didn't have tinnitus.

      So happy for you. Congratulations.
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      Bad cold
      I am so happy for you , i too face a problem to identify which is the real cause , but as i am suffering from anxiety and panic attacks i though it could be the trigger , glad that you are over it now and i will try to follow your steps to get over mine.

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