My Tinnitus and Possible Causes?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jan765, Dec 14, 2011.

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      I am Jan 21 years and I am from Holland, the reason I have registred myself in this forum is because I think the U. S have more knowledge about Tinnitus and the causes. So I would like to introduce myself and ask some questions. First of all I have had Tinnitus like for some 2/2,5 years if it isnt less. It is not very loud and when I go outside I do not hear it especially if I do not stress, I hear it especially if my ears are shut with something. So if I lay down on my bed I hear it louder. But here is the other side of the story, I dont believe my Tinnitus is related to hearing damage from noises. I have some reasons for this. First of all if I did listen music I did not listen to a loud volume, I never have worn a microphone, the volume was so loud if we would talk it would be louder. What would be the other causes? Well I did have braces, like 2 years or something without extractions. After six months I got the braces he let me wear elastics from upper canine to molars. Since than I have TMJ, just all the symptomps. I have sore jaws, like they are tight and this started from wearing elastics, dizziness, just everything. I told my orthodontist but he is denying. Also I have neckproblems due to TMJ, I know I heard neckproblems could be a possible cause of Tinnitus as well as TMJ could be if I bend my neck forward the Tinnitus changes of frequency if I clench my teeth or move my jaw the tinnitus changes of frequency. Can TMJ be a possible cause because of the neckproblems it causes or is TMJ alone without the neckproblems also a possible cause. But TMJ is known causing for neckproblems and all other misery you would never have if you would not have it. Now I wonder it says TMJ causes objective tinnitus, but on the other hand I read it causes also subjective tinnitus. How do I know if mine is objective or subjective tinnitus, is there a difference in the kind of sounds. Also the other causes or just the combination because I have them all of my tinnitus could be: (huge vitamin b12 defiency, diabetic (99% sure I tested myself and I was 7,2 without eating and drinking more than 8 hours and above 6 you are diabetic), (huge zinc defiency), (huge folic acid defiency), (huge magnesium defiency), (huge vitamin a defiency). But like I said I am sure almost the TMJ is responsible.

      So I want to ask whats your opinion on my story and if I am possible right of what I said.

      Yours Sincerely,

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      Hi Jan.

      An acquaintance of mine has intermittent Tinnitus due to TMJ - diagnosed by the way.

      That's all I can offer in the way of help though.

      Have you seen an ENT doctor yet?
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      How do know that have tmj, I am sitting with a possible case of tmj, xrays, most of them are cleared. The orthodontics might be your cause of tmj. It happens. It is not anyone fault. I would hire tmj dentist. I would not sit there because if that is what I got, it is unbearable.
      take action. Jan.

      Use a heating pad, it helps alot with the earaches. Ice packs did not help me.
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      I was thinking of your problem, try Botox Shots. You are a sweet heart to remind me. I am going to try get one. Thanks a lot.

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