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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Nek, Feb 16, 2016.

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      I never thought I could get used to T in the beginning but now it is just an annoyance that I only notice in a quiet room. It has been quite an emotional ride and I must admit that T had its days where T is all I could think about. 3 months ago I had an impacted earwax that left with me an inflammed ear canal and T. It was loud and intrusive but only localized to my left ear. It gave me anxiety attacks and has sent me to the ER. The first month was the hardest but as each month goes by, my tinnitus has gone down and my habituation to it has improved to where I hardly notice it anymore. I notice the lower in volume because I match my radio to the sound where it masks the T and as of now I don't even have to turn on the radio in my car to mask the noise in my ear. Sometimes I would forget for hours that I have T. My advice for newcomers is to not look up tinnitus and only look at success stories. There is too much negativity in these forums and you need all the positive vibes in the beginning of your journey. As months go by, you will feel better and you will take control back of your life. Accept that you might have this for life and move on and hope that some day in the future it will resolve by itself. Protect your ears!
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      Good advice thanks :)
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      Unkown (not acute acoustic trauma).
      I have T since Octiber 2015, I´ts happening the same to me. =)
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      This is a great success story :)
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      Maybe stress ?
      I have tinitus since Jan 2016 ..
      It was because ear wax accumulation.
      Went to the Doctor and removed it ..
      Any advice in the next days ?
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      Barking dogs/stress
      So your T resolved because your inflamed ear canal resolved. You have some nice supportive things to say, but honestly you have no idea what it's like to have long-term idiopathic or acoustic-trauma induced severe tinnitus. The "negativity" you refer to is the result of dealing with a completely different tinnitus beast than the one you had.

      I have found on this forum that the members with the long-term severe T offer the best advice to deal with tinnitus in a realistic manner, and I've seen quite a few posts from folks with short-term T who offer the advice that we should change our attitude and that will make things all better.

      It's comments like that, "move on," which make the folks with long-term T do a face palm. It won't resolve by itself after it becomes chronic, it takes a lot of effort and lifestyle changes to adjust to it, especially when accompanied by hyperacusis.
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