My Tinnitus Has Got Under Control but Dizzy Spells Now

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gin, Nov 19, 2015.

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      I have been dealing with T since July. So fairly new to this. I went to gp early on and was put on steroids and it came back. I went to several doctors and they said it may be early onset Meneire's, considering I was having some other symptoms as well. I went to take my hearing test and came back with some hearing loss. My MRI came back clean. I really struggled dealing with T. I'm still not sure it is temporary or not. I have an ENT appointment set for Jan 14th. I cried, when I found out I couldn't get into to see him any earlier. I have kind of accepted the T and started doing pretty well dealing with it. My doctor refused to give me any more steroids, which actually knocked it out for like 3 weeks or so. So needless to say I was upset. Well either I have adjusted to the T or it has gone down some. I was having some dizzy spells but no vertigo. I did have the eye jerking, which I hear is a symptom as well. My doctor prescribed me some Meclazine to help until I could get in to see the ENT. Yesterday I had a really bad dizzy spell. I literally had to get in bed and just lazy on my back. Couldn't even turn over to one side or the other without being really dizzy/sick. I took some Meclazine. About two hours later I got up to walk to the kitchen feeling a little better. But my right ear felt incredibly full and I start experiencing hypercusis (the sensitivity to sound, which I hadn't had since the first time I experienced T). It is better this morning but am still a little dizzy. Is there anything that I can take during the work day that won't make me sleepy? Also, anyone else with Meneires, do these symptoms sound familiar to you? (just curious/nervous since I haven't seen an ENT yet and all the other doctors are saying it's possible). Just looking for support and advice. Thanks.
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      Hi Gin,
      I have had Menieres for a really long time now and understand how you are feeling.
      Ask your doctor about Betahistine ,Proclorperazine and Buccastem as will help with the dizziness .
      I will support you anytime and on most days so just ask away...lots of love glynis

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