My Tinnitus/Hearing Loss Struggle

Discussion in 'Support' started by calin, Mar 23, 2013.

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      Can anyone here relate to this man's struggles?

      Read the comments below the video.

      Here is one comment from the regular Youuber that made the video:

      "I never knew I could become that fragile & affriad of life. I considered suicide because I had lost so much, so quickly. A truely scary place to be in. I had violent panic attacks. Hadn't slept in-over 48 hours because of this loud, intrusive, never ending ringing in my brain. Vomiting non-stop & lost 70% of my hearing. Believe me, it would test anyone. I couldn't eat. Living on 300-400 cals a day with stress & depression. It slowly eats at you. Thankfully, I now "fight" to live. I can be happy."

      My Tinnitus & Hearing Loss Struggle:...

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