My Tinnitus Is Going Up and Down

Discussion in 'Support' started by vasil, Sep 28, 2014.

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      I was on a 20 days therapy with cavinton, sympathil, milgamma and nootropil. A dozen of these every day. I didnt thought it had significant effect, until the therapy ended. On the next day my T spiked and last night it was maybe one of the loudest I have ever had... Somehow i manage to fall asleep, and for 2-3 hours I woke up, felt aspleep, woke up again it was quite nightmarish... then I slept for another 2-3 hours and when I woke up, my T was 10-15 times better. In the next minutes, when i started to think about it, it spiked 2-3 times, nothing scary, but I am starting to question my sanity. Is it possible that I am causing my own suffering psychological? Such variation of the sound level for 4-5 hours is strange and doesnt seems to be physical condition in my ears. I also catch a cold for the last couple of days...
      I know this post is not well constructed and its somehow all over the place, but you know describing T is hard thing, especially in a different language, than your mother tongue. What do you think, am I going nuts :D ?
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      only a few neurons are going nuts but not you :)
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      It happens that way with me too. Mine has been fluctuating all day. I don't know if that happens with everyone or not.

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