My Tinnitus Is Gone — It Was Caused by Long-Term Noise Exposure

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by robson healy, Jan 21, 2022.

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      Long time Noise exposure
      Hey, I’m writing this because I remember when I first got tinnitus I was on Tinnitus Talk looking for a real success story for long term noise exposure! Normally people are just saying how they went to a concert and it went away after 6 months or so but people who have suffered long term noise damage are pretty much going to have it for life!

      It’s funny as I’m writing this I can hear my tinnitus but this is very rare and only when I think about it I can hear it a little bit! I can tell you that it won’t ever fully go away but you can be and feel normal again! My ex left me right after I got tinnitus probably because I was a nervous wreck over it because it was really loud, like 7/8 out of 10 on a normal night, and I could hear it over the TV.

      I even started listening to that Liam Boehm guy on YouTube who, by the way, talks complete bullshit. Just to let you know, he can’t cure tinnitus and he’s just trying to make money out of you, so don’t even bother!

      I’ve had tinnitus for 1 year and 2 months and I have accepted I will have it forever. I worked in a metal factory and was hearing noises up to 130 dB daily for roughly 3-4 years and never wore ear defenders because they never enforced it. I thought it would be fine but obviously I learned the hard way!

      The first 4-6 months was difficult. Having a pretty severe case of tinnitus in my opinion, it was very loud and literally heard it everywhere I went except when I was driving.

      I understood that I had goals and dreams that I’m pursuing now that I thought had been robbed of me because I do music. So headphones and very loud monitors (speakers) which I thought would be a big problem for me, well, it turns out tinnitus is all in the mind. I use headphones daily and I mean loud, because I mix and master music. It does not affect my tinnitus one bit!

      My tinnitus is down to about 0.5 / 10 so I never even notice it but if I think about it, it goes straight back up to 4-5/10.

      The only way to overcome lifelong tinnitus is to not give a fuck. Be happy, work on yourself, get back to doing what you want to do with your life. It’s not cancer. You’re not dying! Hell you’re not even ill! Don’t let it take your life away. I missed a lot time worrying about how things will affect my tinnitus and now I don’t even think about it all like never. I literally made this post out of sheer randomness. This is the first time I’ve thought about the word tinnitus in about a month!

      I do get very short every so often, sometimes longer! The last time I used white noise to get to sleep was ages ago. I can sleep with my tinnitus because my brain is not focused on it so I don’t even notice it!

      Please guys, do yourself a favour and just keep busy and focus on being a better you! I know how you feel if you’ve just got it. Honestly it’s one of the worst things ever! I know I had the same pain but you will get over it and quicker then you think. One day you just won’t even think about it and everything will be back to normal!
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      Noise Induced

      It is great to see a post like this. Be forever careful of your ears and have a happy life!
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      Virus, Stress
      This is so good to hear right now!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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      January 2016
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      Wish I knew
      I have bad anxiety and I've had it for years. Did you suffer from anxiety? I assume for someone like me, it would be a lot harder to just stop caring about it like you did.
    5. LostinTX
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      poss ototoxicity/unknown/BVVP diagnosed first then tinnitus
      Did you have it for 2 years and 1 month? Your info shows it started in 12/2019?
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