My Tinnitus Is Making Me Unhappy

Discussion in 'Support' started by smapti, Dec 14, 2019.

    1. smapti

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      Ear Infections
      tinnitus. one more day, here we go...
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    2. Michael B
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      Michael B Member Benefactor

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      Noise Induced
      It certainly can be a tough condition to deal with, especially when it's intrusive.
    3. Zud

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      If all else fails, remember you're not alone. Even the richest men on earth can't have a cure for tinnitus yet. That's got to suck even more.
    4. Carol27

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      November 2019
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      I am not sure.
      I know how you feel. I am currently crying so much because of it.
    5. alex1975

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      Las Vegas
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      January 2019
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      Probably sound induced
      Have you found a masking sound like on YouTube perhaps? On really bad days, I just play some tracks that drown it out.
    6. just1morething

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      Look at Paul Allen. With all his billions he still died of cancer. I suppose if he had severe tinnitus on top of cancer he would have been less devastated though.
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