My Tinnitus Makes Me Feel Bipolar

Discussion in 'Support' started by lucluc, Nov 7, 2017.

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      Hi everyone,

      Since the onset of my tinnitus slightly over a month ago, my mood has been ridiculously unpredictable.

      Sometimes I feel extremely positive that this is something that'll eventually go/will become a non-issue whereas other times I am seriously suicidal. I can spend hours feeling myself again but eventually i'll be back to feeling depressed.

      Whether that be giving up and going to bed, or sat in a restaurant for my birthday meal on the brink of tears.

      I'm in the process of starting CBT, but is there anything I can do in the meantime to possibly stabilise my mood?

      All I want is to feel normal again, and be able to focus on my life rather than my ears.
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      Not sure
      Hang in there. You've just had your T for a month and everything is new for you. You will learn to cope with it much better with time, if it's still there.
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