My Tinnitus Started 4 Days Ago, Help Me Out?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Maia, May 2, 2016.

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      First and foremost I want to apologize for the length of this. I have a lot on my mind and a lot to say and any answer and support would be very nice!!

      So really, I just wanted to give some background information and ask for some advice/comfort. I'm reading too many horror stories about tinnitus on the internet ever since it started for me on Wednesday (4/27) and although I have read about how tinnitus CAN go away despite certain circumstances, I would like to hear if anyone has had something similar happen to them.

      I've had hearing loss/hearing problems all my life. I'm only 19 but I'd say I've gotten hearing tubes put into my ears about 10 or so times. The last time I went (2013 or 2014?) I had 2 tubes put in both eardrums.

      Well for the past few months my ears had been bothering me - the left one became muffled and the right one began popping and making an airy echoing sound (doctors have compared it to when your ears pop on a plane but I've never been on one so I couldn't relate.) I was able to pop my right ear when it became echoed and it would generally go back to normal, however I would find myself waking up in the middle of the night and subconsciously itching in my ear and popping it. Stuff like that is completely normal for me, however, because I've always had ear problems.

      It wasn't until the 22nd when I went to Walgreen's clinic for a quick check up because my left ear had started to leak yellow fluid and when I put a Q-Tip in my ear there was an excess of it. Of course, that was an ear infection so I went in to get prescribed ear drops. The nurse who dealt with me was very new though so I'm not sure she did a 100% correct job on checking my ears, because she said my right ear was fine when it had been having problems as well. But 1/2 of the tubes in both ears had fallen out, and the tube in my left ear was sideways.

      So all was well, but randomly on Wednesday night, my RIGHT ear popped and did the echo noise, and when I stuck my finger in my ear to pop it (I know that sounds so vicious but I promise I do it gentle!) it also made some sort of squeaky sound, and it felt like a suction cup (also normal for me).

      After, I went to the bathroom and when I came back I had this morse code type beeping in my ear, and it's been there ever since. I've found that during the day I can barely notice it, it's very faint, but if I were to just sit with only the TV on I can find myself focusing on it. I know tinnitus is usually a life lasting thing, and I know I need to probably come to terms with the fact that I may have this for life which is why I've already sort of gotten used to it, however, I've been reading how there are many things that can cause it where there's a chance it won't be permanent, such as
      • a ruptured eardrum
      • ear wax build up
      • an ear infection
      • TMJ
      I've started putting ear drops in my right ear, the ear with the tinnitus, to possibly help stop an ear infection that the Nurse may have missed. My mom and I have tried making several appointments with several different ENTs in my area (about 8 or 9) and NONE of them are taking new patients for another 3 weeks. She was able to get an appointment with a regular doctor on Wednesday though, so I'm hoping we can get things sorted out then.

      My ear does have some pain in it but it usually isn't consistent and it happens very randomly, usually a mildly sharp pain only lasting a few seconds.

      Also, I am someone who has listened to music every day for the past 6 years of their life and I've been to a fair amount of very loud/rock concerts, but I never listen to music to a point where it hurts my ears. Because of my hearing loss I also found that the loud noises never bothered me. The last time I went to a show was March, but I was absolutely nowhere near a speaker (I usually never am) and lately I haven't been listening to loud music

      I've also had clicking in my jaw for a few years and recently it's become tight and hurts after I wake up, which is why I included TMJ to the list since the Nurse said it's something I may have had.

      So I just have a few questions:
      1. I've read that if you catch tinnitus early enough from an ear infection or a ruptured eardrum and you solve the problem, there's a big chance once you clear it up it can go away. Do you think there's a good chance I caught it fast enough? It started late Wednesday night, and I've put drops in the last 2 days (Saturday, and today, Sunday)
      2. Could my tinnitus also be caused by the hearing tube in my ear? I'm wondering if maybe when I went to pop my ear that night that it pushed the tube into an awkward spot and that is maybe what's causing it? Has anyone ever had that before?
      3. This question may be selfish, but if anyone could recommend very good ear plugs for concerts that would be amazing. I go to concerts frequently but now I feel as though those days may already be over because of this. I really don't want to make it worse but I have so many shows planned for the next few months and I don't want to waste money. Since my tinnitus is so faint and since it's still early I just want to make sure I don't damage my ears any more.
      4. Has anyone ever gotten tinnitus after a ruptured eardrum, and has it ever gone away or gotten better for you? I've ruptured my eardrum before but this has obviously never happened before.
      5. Both of my ears now feel very pressured and I'm sure I have fluid in them. I feel as though I have so many factors that could be affecting my tinnitus that I can't pinpoint exactly what it is, but could it be from fluid as well?
      Thank you for any help you can offer. I'll answer anything you may need to know to better inform me.
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      not sure
      I would say don't go to more concerts when your ears are hurting with tinnitus and pressure. You can do more damage if you are not careful. But it is your call. Do bring enough earplugs to help protect if you have to go. Musician ear plugs are designed for letting the normal music notes in but block out the high notes that can hurt. So you can try to get the Alpine plugs as in here:
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      Thank you! I'm sure my tinnitus isn't sound induced but I definitely don't want it to get any worse at this point so I'm going to take all precautions that I can. I'm buying those right now.
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      Sinus infection
      @Maia im 20 myself with no hearing loss and bad TMJ but I'm pretty sure there will be a cure or some sort of good treatment available sooner rather then later so I wouldn't say you have it for life :)
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      Car Accident
      @Maia - you certainly have a lot going on there. You seem to be doing all the correct things (taking care of the ear problems). That's the first goal. Stop worrying about the T and the rest of your life - the T may resolve itself once your ear problems are under control. I watched the movie Bridge of Spies this past weekend. One of the main characters was continuously asked "do you never worry?" His reply...."would it help?".
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      Hi! I'm sorry, I don't really have an answer to your first questions, but I would recommend using "Hearos" 33db protection ear plugs (they're blue). 33 While they do deaden sound more than concert earplugs, they are WAY more effective. I use them at school (I'm 15) in my math class, where the kids are INSANE. I hope your T clears up though :D

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