My Tinnitus Story and My Doubts About Symptoms

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      Hey there People, First of all thank you so much for all of your support its been a delight to have a place to vent, and ask for support, Everyone has been very supportive.

      Well its been....
      Over 7 months since my Onset, and i think its about time to set the record straight and write down my "story" also ive been dealing with symptoms related to this conditions..and i wanna know how many of you relate and your advice.

      My tinnitus started all of the sudden on the 11th of February.
      i woke up and i some how had the feeling of my left ear kinda "blocked" and there was this mild noise, similar to the one i would get after a loud concert.
      for someone reason i thought it was some how normal, i didnt freaked out at first until the night came and the noise went louder and i couldnt sleep.

      the next day i went to an ENT specialist, at first he told me i had ETD, and gave me antihistamines and told me to calm down and it surely will go away within the next 3 months.

      Of course this didnt happen, the last time i went to consult, he told me that it wouldnt go away after all, that i will get used to it, and that it probably will have something to do with all this years of rock music and loud concerts, and just told me to go on and live my life, i remember very well that day in my way back home i felt so miserable and so sad, my dad didnt even know what to say.

      ETN told me that besides my "noise induced" tinnitus i also had my tubes very blocked, and asked me to get an audiogram to see if i had lost some hearing, but to be honest i was so pissed that i didnt want to spend more money on stupid test, i told to myself... okey i have tinnitus, it probably wont go away, why waste more time or money on false hope. so i didnt get an audiogram.

      time went by, and i discovered that salt, sugar, msg would spike my tinnitus and change its pitch.
      salt changes the pitch, sugar makes it sound louder and msg makes it way too louder.
      so i try to skip by all means this ingredients.
      after doing this i could sleep so much better, and i stopped to "mask" the tinnitus.

      besides the thought of having something uncurable and untreatable, the things that depressed me the most was, having to give up concerts, bars, and loud places.
      im a very social human being haha and also love music, so at first it was very depressing and to be honest it had a stronger impact in my life, even more than having an "incurable disease"

      the time went by i try all kind of therapies and stuff, i think non of them work.
      the only thing that really worked for me, was my attitude, i go to psychological therapy once a week and this has helped me the most.
      first... to overcome anxiety, and then to love my life and existence no matter what.
      and the most important to make the must of my time and focus on things i can do.

      and things got sooooo much better for me, there are days where my tinnitus is so low i bearly think about it.
      and there are days where it spikes and i still carry on smiling and doing my job.
      i watch tv shows, i go out with my friends, i go to new restaurants, i work on my art, listen to music (in low volumen of course) been doing good at my job (graphic designer), have a good time with my dog etc.

      i was in total dispair and now im stronger than before :)

      i hope for a better future for you and me, and i know there are good things coming, we just have to wait.

      there are only two things that kinda worries me...

      -Make my tinnitus worse (i havent been able to travel, go to bars or the cinema, even with earplugs im kinda afraid to do that)

      -to not only having tinnitus and it just being a symptom of something worse.

      heres a little background...

      -im a few years away from turning 30, so that means ive been going to clubs and loud concerts for more than 10 years.
      -i went to a big numbers of concerts, festivals, punk gigs, in my 20s, and most of them where front row tickets, and also went to a lot of loud clubs.
      -i experience tinnitus a number of times... and was told it was "normal" so i didnt pay attention, it always went away the next morning
      -i also recorded music with my earbuds on, on loud volumen and sometimes the combination of mic/earbus would make a horrible feedback sound, this went direct to my ears, and happend at least 5 times.
      -also i used to work with my earbuds on for many hours and was told by coworkers that it was very loud.
      -the night before i had my onset, i listened to loud music in my earbuds for at least 1 hours
      and also that month was my bday and i went to a lot of clubs to celebrate my party and there was even fireworks.... (pfff i know)

      my symptoms...

      -My tinnitus seems to be only in my left ear.
      -constant tone that it never seems to go away (it went super soft one day)that can only be heard when i cover my ears.
      -there is another sound that changes some times it sound like a tube tv, static or hissing sometimes i would rate it as a 1 or 2 out of 10, and soemtimes (when it spikes) a total 8
      -both ears crack when swallowing
      -sometimes my t has changed ears, the right one all of the sudden gets block and a high pitched appears and then it goes away to the left ear.
      -i have had two mini episodes where my "hearing" went soft or the ear blocked and the hearing disorts or something like that but then it returns back to normal in just a matter of seconds.
      -i believe my hearing is completely normal, despite of those episodes, i dont have any problem with hearing.
      and i believe both ears hears the same, i might have a littleeee trouble listening in "noisy" environments.
      but no apparent hearing lose.

      lately ive been having ear ache, little twangs of pain, or pressure pain i would get after a flight.
      they usually last a few seconds.

      im just a little afraid it could also be menieres, but to be honest... i have exposed my ears to lot of loud sounds.

      ive had only had two episodes where i have felt a little dizzy our out of balance, but they just happend right after i woke up and move very fast (but i also had my blood pressure kinda high, so it might be related to blood pressure.

      what do you think?, also... do other "noise induced" t buddies have that ear ache/pressure too?

      thank you :)
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      Why didn't he give you steroid injections into ear directly
    3. Mario martz

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      Not sure.
      he checked my ears told me everything seemed fine.
      just that my tubes were blocked and i was most likely having Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD)
      and gave me nasal steroid spray!
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Hello Mario,

      Your story sounds very familiar. I also experience the ear-fullness sensation since the onset of my Tinnitus 4.5 months ago. Sometimes I have been wondering about what I think is worse; the Tinnitus or the feeling of fullness. Some people say it might be down due to worrying and being too focused on the ears, but aside from some theories of my own I'm quite in the dark about these fullness sensations. Have been wondering myself how common they are among Tinnitus patients.

      I wouldn't trouble yourself about Meniere's unless you have periodic episodes of vertigo which seem to be signature for it. I couldn't discern that from your story though.
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    5. Mario martz

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      I dont have vertigo,
      just have felt a little dizzy when waking up fast.
      but this doesnt last long, and ive been told its some how normal.

      my ear ache is gone, it was mild and it came and went.
      and i have just felt the "fulleness" twice but it went away also.
      how is it for you?

      thanks for reading my story vinnitus :)
      you are the one who had t, and then it went away for a few years right?
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      Acoustic Trauma

      Hello Mario,

      Yes, the dizziness when waking up fast doesn't sound too alarming. At least it doesn't sound like Meniere's to me, which should be somewhat comforting.

      The ear fullness, I am glad it went away for you. For me, it never completely did since my second onset. I often have the feeling I have to "clear" my left ear by making weird jaw movements. Quite often it pops, but the relief is often short-lived. On the days my left ear feel "less full" and closer to "normal", it just still feels "not right". It always feels like something is off in the left ear.

      During my first onset I also had ear fullness, but it came with a feeling of "fluid" inside the left ear. The doctors I went to back then all said there was none. I don't experience the "fluid" feeling now, only the fullness.

      Yes, my first noise-induced Tinnitus went away completely in about 2.5/3 months. I was Tinnitus-free for about 6 years. Not anymore. This time I appear to be less fortunate; I'll be marking my 5th month with this affliction coming september 28th...

      I hope there will be relief for us one day. The future seems bright, but not yet within our grasp...
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    7. Mario martz

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      i havent experience fluid feeling in my ear,
      but sometimes when i drink something really cold, i have this "damp" feeling in my "bad" ear
      but this is not a symptom of regular t or menieres,
      maybe Eustachian tubs acting up?

      I have had that ear ache come and go.
      and i only had "fullness" on my onset and it lasted one day.
      and i few days ago i woke up in the middle of the night with my "bad" ear feeling clogged or full.
      i took a nap and it went ways completely.

      Tinnitus is very very weird.
      do you have it in both ears?

      my problem seems to be only in the left ear,
      and yes the future seems bright its just that some days are hard to cope.
      but hopefully things will improve for us.
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