my tinnitus was very bareable for 3 years until yesterday when it started killing me. details below.

Discussion in 'Support' started by sol sober365, Sep 10, 2015.

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      hi im new here.

      in january of 2012 i came down with tinnitus, which was TERRIBLE for 7 months.

      by august i got used to it and bothered me a lot less.

      in fact, for the last 10 years i can count on my hand how many times i had a bad day with tinnitus. very few.

      in fact, even when i heard the noise, i started considering musical and relaxing.

      that all changed yesterday in the morning.

      i woke up and BOOM its been louder than ever.

      i thought i had it all under control, but now i feel like all that went out the window. all the pain and horrible feelings i had the first few months of having it (almost 4 years ago) have suddenly returned.

      ive seen many drs and had a number of metheds which worked, but none of that is working now.

      furthermore, back in the beginning when it was bad, putting on the radio, music, or fan and it blocked it out.

      now, i do all of the above and nothings helping. i still hear the noise over it.

      furthermore, back when it was bad i had no problem sleeping.

      not only that, when i slept i actaully enjoyed the sound of ringing in my ear (mostly the left one, btw).

      last night, not only did i have a hard time falling asleep, but when i tried sleeping on my left side, i had to switch to my right side because when i slept on my left side the ringing was too loud for my left ear

      no i didnt expose my ears to any loud noises, but yes im on a ton of medications for acid reflux, axiety, and depressrion.

      my question is this:

      does it ever happen that 24/7 tinnitus becomes bareable for awhile and then years later becomes unbareable again?

      if yes, what do you do about it?

      i need help
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      Hi ,and welcome to the forum.
      It sounds like something has caused a spike and there are lots of reasons for it.
      Try not to worry and give if a few days and your tinnitus should settle down back to your base sound again.
      Try not let stress and anxiety take hold as that is a trigger for tinnitus ..lots of love glynis

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