My Unusual Case of TTTS: No Triggers and No Other Ear Issues

Discussion in 'Support' started by sr913, Jul 28, 2019.

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      Hi everyone. I'm looking for some advice about my TTTS. I've read just about every thread on here, but my case seems different from most of the others (I put a * on stuff I think is different).

      - Male, 40-ish
      - Had it since February
      - Thumping noise that I can hear and feel. Left ear only.
      - No tinnitus, hyperacuisis, or other ear issues before February (or since then).*
      - No clear trigger. My episodes aren't started by stressful moments, yawning, burping, noises - nothing.*
      - "Episodes" (continuous periods of at least 1 thump/minute) last between 4-12 hours, almost always until I go to bed but never continue into morning.
      - From March-May it was bad: episodes every 2-4 days on average. Since then, it's stretched out to every 6-8 days.
      - Started taking cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) daily around mid-May.
      - I've noticed low-grade neck pain and jaw pain on the same side as my TTTS (left) since February. Not sharp pain but more like a dull ache. I've always had posture issues and have had neck pain off and on in recent years.
      - I definitely have a jaw-clenching habit both day and night.

      What should I do next? See a chiropractor and/or PT? Get either a cheapo mouth guard or the fancy dentist version? Change up the Flexeril dose/timing or add other meds/vitamins?

      Thanks in advance to anyone who can advise.
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      noise injury
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      Definitely not frequent, and on the odd occasion it did happen I've never noticed ringing ears or other symptoms afterwards.

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