Napping & Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by mike, Apr 26, 2012.

    1. mike

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      Franklin ohio
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      1 1/2 months

      It comes lasts for 2 or 3 days, with day 1 or 2 extremely loud.
      The quiet is usually for 2 days rarely 3 days then the whole cycle begins again. It's almost like a clock goes off in my head and says: time for T.Go to bed real low .Wake up real high.
      The only thing that disturbs this cycle is if I nap. I mean even if I'm sitting on the couch watching TV and I doze off it will turn a quiet night into a new noise cycle. the nap makes the T loud. I have been like this for 3 months now. Anybody else have anything like this.
    2. Jim

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      Yeah, I think this is a fairly common symptom. I quit napping just to ensure that I was dog tired when I went to bed so I would have a better chance to fall asleep. I went for several years without napping. I'm back to enjoying an occasional nap now.:sleep:
    3. Karl

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      My tinnitus is just the opposite: When I wake up, it's the lowest.

      What bugs me the most is the sound of vibrating lights. In our family room, we have a light that is buzzing at a high pitch. I'm not sure how to make the light stop resonating. When the light fixture heats up, and it starts resonating. Sometimes I have to leave the room, it bothers me so much.

      My wife rips my head off if I say anything about the light. It's amazing that some people without tinnitus have no idea what it's like.
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    4. Strife_84

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      Mixing music for long and too loud.
      I just noticed that after a nap my T increased in volume. I don't know if it's because my sleeping position, or what, but just 1h nap,woke up and T is now higher in volume.

      At morning it was more silent.

      Very interesting.
    5. winstona

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      Toronto, Canada
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      Oct 2017
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      Loud noise exposure and excessive ear irrigation
      I have the exact same thing.
      I often use this slight predictability to plan for days that require relative quietness. What I do is if I know I need quieter ears in two days, I will try to take a nap when I can to wake up the loud T so that 2 days from now will e relatively quieter...

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