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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by engapol, Dec 1, 2015.

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      It's been nearly a year now since I got T for no apparent reason and with no other symptoms. Around 4 months ago I could ignore it for most of the day but I still felt in in quiet places and while trying to sleep. But now I think I'm nearly all the way there, I've begun to be able to ignore it even when I'm in a silent room and I can block it out 90% of the time when I'm trying to sleep now.

      I felt utter despair when I first got it too, when I found out that there was no accepted cure, and this was in a very stressful part of my life as well. The first few months were excrutiating, I'm pretty sure that's happened to even the most resilient of us but it's totally possible to adjust to it. The sound has never gone away and probably never will unless they find a cure, but I along with many others are living proof that you can live a normal life with it, one where it's no more out of place than a whirring computer or an AC system.

      I'm sorry if this came across as arrogant in saying that everyone should be able to adjust to it. I know there are people who have suffered for many years and still haven't found relief but if you have just got it, please be aware that you can be one of the many who have successfully habituated.

      BTW, while this site is amazing, not spending too much time on it might help. Whenever I have to type or talk about it, it brings it back temporarily.
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      I agree. too much time at the computer, isn't good.
      More time outdoors is better.
      I only come to this site on friday evenings lately ( the onset of Sabbath )

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