Need Advice: Tinnitus Changing but Also Some Relief

Discussion in 'Support' started by 40something, May 10, 2013.

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      Hello -

      I just joined, since my tinnitus just started recently. It began on and off in my left ear, infrequently, after a sinus infection, but became constant in that ear about a week ago. Saw my general doctor, he suggested 1) decongestants/pressuring ears for a few days, and 2) MRI for tumor. Tried (1), which didn't work, so visited an ENT for a second opinion. He said I had mild hearing loss in the left ear, that the tinnitus was probably due to this and age, and basically said "live with it". (I'm holding off on the MRI due to cost).

      That's when I joined this forum and started looking around more, because the timing of it relative to the infection seemed too coincidental (and I didn't want to just give up!). I've looked into hyperbaric oxygen, since my town actually has a chamber at the hospital, but they refuse to treat me for tinnitus (it's not an approved treatment here), and from what I've read it might not be effective since I can't associate the tinnitus with an acute noise event.

      Now it's started in my right ear, too, at a higher pitched whine - at least that's how it seems. The hearing test didn't show any significant hearing loss in the right ear, so that didn't seem to fit with what the ENT said.

      The strange thing is that my wife came home from work and said a nurse with whom she works suggested an over-the-counter earwax cleaning treatment. Even though the ENT didn't find any wax build up, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I did - and it gave me immediate relief! It was temporary, but fantastic and very noticeable. The nurse seemed to think it might be allergy or infection of some kind, or a build-up of something in the ear.

      Any ideas as to what's going on? Is it normal to start in one (hearing loss) ear and then "spread" to the other normal ear? Is it normal with tinnitus to get relief from an ear wash/wax treatment if the tinnitus is hearing-loss related?

      Thanks, this is driving me crazy.
    2. Danny

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      Sounds about right...mine started in left ear, when it decides to spike goes into both ears...really loud, yip drove me crazy also for first 4 months, had both my ears washed out also, audioligist says I have the hearing of a 56 year old male, I hear fine...Not learning to live with it that's crap but I am learning to try to manage it, you''ll have to try many different things to see what best helps you manage it best. Only advice that I can give you is that it's only a noise and that's it. I found that Jasterboff/Hazell book on TRT has helped me gather a better understanding of this.

      Stay Strong and remember it's only a noise...brain music.
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      I'm having a similar issue with mine. I've developed a tinnitus in my right ear spontaneously and allergy medications have relieved the ringing. Sadly, the ringing can come back if my allergies return.

      I can't answer why rinsing your ear helped the matter; it might have just been therapeutic or may have done something to relieve pressure in the middle ear.

      It would be interesting to know if you had hearing loss before the ringing becasue that could be a possibility too. You just didn't know it. If the ringing can come and go, I doubt you have chronic subjective tinnitus, becasue, well, it's chronic.
    4. James
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      Danny, ty for mentioning that book again; TRT. Finally caught my eye, its sinking in. I know Karl has mentioned it too. I found it on Amazon, not a cheap book. May be the best read to cope with my own "brain music". Got too by it.
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      Thanks for the replies, everyone. I was busy trying to find a doctor who would agree to try something other than send me away without hope.

      I started a short course of steroids Friday afternoon (prednisone), and by Saturday morning had a noticeable decrease in the ringing - gone in right ear, noticeably reduced in left ear. I would recommend this treatment.

      The ringing in left ear came back a bit by late evening, but not as bad as before, so I just used a radio under my pillow to mask it and slept well. But many times during the day I forgot about it.

      Ear wax treatment still gives immediate relief, I don't know why, and the doctor who gave me the steroids seemed to dismiss the idea, but if it works I don't care!

      I still seem to have hyperacusis (banging pots in the kitchen, kids being loud, etc.), so I'm being careful of loud noise. But in keeping with Markku's advice I'm not going around wearing earplugs.

      t-man, what allergy medication are you trying? Also, thanks Danny and James for the book recommendation.

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      I went to the ENT for one problem and after having a test done (VNG) that is when they put cold and warm air into your ears. NOw I have ringing in my left ear and pressure. I had the VNG in Jan. 2013, did anyone have this test and then got the ringing? Sorry guys about ringing it is making me a little nutty. I will try the ear wax

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