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      Sinus infection
      hi ,

      I've had tinnitis since Oct 2014. I had a sinus infection and was put on an antibiotic. I had an reaction to it and placed on another. The ringing came out of nowhere and sounded like a train. I immediately went to the doctor and they said they would put in referral for audiology. That took 7-10 days before I saw a slope in my hearing in both ears at 8kz. I saw an ENT and he put me on steroids 50mg for 10 days and tapered. There was no improvement.
      There is no family history, no loud music, nothing

      I'm looking into stem cells and LLLT treatment. What places are located in the states for laser therapy? I see one in Florida.

      Any suggestions
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      not sure
      We have a member attheedgeofscience who is an expert on these types of treatments. You may want to PM him if he doesn't read this.
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