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      Sorry for my english. I have mild, static, bi-tonal T since may, but last week i woke up after a terrible night. I had nightmares about T, can you belive? Extremely anxious and with some sort of reactive T. Since then, every time i hear fans, water, grills (etc) i can hear some high pitch distorted sound trying to compete with the original sound... Not sure what could cause that? It stops and starts with the original sound, its like a distortion? My H faded 1 month after onset of the original mild T, dont think thats the problem. Its an actual loud sound.
      I took a very low dose of Lyrica prior to that for about 8 days, i stopped thinking i could be the cause, so far the symptom did not go away and i bothers me way more than static T. Could it stay forever like the standart T sometimes does? Thanks for the help.
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      not sure
      Seems like you are having a spike and T is morphing (which is quite common when T is relatively new). Most spikes or morphing will settle down after some time especially you stay more calm and positive about it. Anxiety and stress are toxic to T. It is best to take the T habituation journey as a total package, with bumps such as spikes and morphing alone the way but finally settling down to a more manageable stage. If you read enough success story, you will know that it is the case for a lot of people. Have patience and don't freak out. Try masking and read the instructions on this thread:
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