Need Some Advice for Being in Loud Situations

Discussion in 'Support' started by sandra72, Dec 17, 2014.

    1. sandra72

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      tomorrow I'm going to flower arranging with a large group of people.
      Saterday i am goint to eat at a restaurant with 8 other peoeple.

      Past Saterday i had a birthday party of my daughter. Lot of people and music.
      I did wear my plugs but since yesterday i feel more fulness in my ears so i am now
      scared that it whas to much for my ears. Should i rest my ears and not go tommorow
      or is it safe to go and must i wear my plugs?
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      Better safe than sorry. If you feel that you must rest then rest.

      But i doubt that Saturday party cause you trouble after few days.
      Cold or allergy maybe ?
    3. Marcini

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      @sandra72 It's probably from the earplugs themselves. I used to get that feeling when I was an earplug regular. Now I don't think I've worn them all year. I think you should still go. Take the plugs and if it's loud then use them. If it's not then don't. The fullness will subside over time either way.
    4. I who love music

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      After 40 years of trying different things, I gave up on earplugs for that very reason. In my case, probably not most others, I think air trapped between the plug and my eardrum has a negative effect. I use a half of a cotton ball to let the area 'breathe.' I use the poly cotton balls so little bits of real cotton don't break off and stay inside. I can go to most musical events doing this. Not the real loud ones though.
    5. russiancarl

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      Hey Sandra, it's hard to tell whether it was wearing the ear plugs so long or the loud sounds that caused your ears to feel full. Do you have any idea of how loud it actually was? I'd suggest getting an app for your smartphone that can measure your surroundings if only to put you at ease.

      Also, I think it's a good idea to play it better safe than sorry. Resting your ears won't hurt you but going out to another loud place may.

      I'm not sure what kind of ear plugs you are using either but I find the ETY-20 plugs that are made for musicians to be very comfortable. The foam plugs do block out more noise but also muffles them. If earbuds are something you need to wear on a very regular basis perhaps you could have them professionally made to fit your ear. I think it costs around $150 but if the generic kind are hurting your ears this could be worth the investment.

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